Roxy 2012 Spring Collection

Last Saturday, Sab & I attended the Roxy 2012 Spring Collection Fashion Show at MIFA. 

It was our first fashion show together, so we didn't know what to expect! Minus the good looking, skinny models and pretty clothes. 

It was held in Zebra Square, thank goodness it wasn't a pain in the ass to find. It was pretty easy, really and we didn't get lost! Success. Two girls in a pink car, not so familiar with that part of KL, solely relying on a not-so-updated GPS and Google Maps, anything can happen. 

Many thanks to Serge, who gave us the invites to this fun event. :) One of the ushers insisted Sab & I to sit at the VIP/Media Row, not knowing that we were only Guests. How flattering. It's the power of the aviators sitting above our heads, I told Sab.

Anyway, let the show begin!

That is ALOT of good bikinis and casual wear. Fell in love with a couple of bikinis.. Now I have an idea of what to wear for my Republic Model Search Finals bikini challenge.. It's on the 14th of December! Shall talk about that later.

Photo credits to Serge, because obviously my lousy camera couldn't focus on time to catch the models as they walked. Ooh! Did I tell you that I got the Samsung PL120 Camera with dual LCD screen? *big grin* More about that one too, later.

It was such a fun event to go with Sab. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed the show. Again thanks to Serge. Check out his blog.

After this event, I rushed back to Subang for Johnnie Walker Black Circuit! What a day!
Stay tuned. ;)