Maxim Swimwear Model of the Year Grand Finals & Pastry Brunching at Pandoro Patisserie

First of all, I'd like to take a second, exhale, and say I'm really glad that this month is going to be over. March was a pretty tough month. Not just for myself, but especially for the family members of the people in flight MH370. While conspiracy theories seem to be growing like mushrooms on the net, I just pray that the family members will find peace and strength, as it could have happened to anyone.

I hope things will be better in April, and hopefully I'm less accident prone. Seriously, my first month back and pop goes my kneecap. What are the chances? Anyway, it's healing up slowly together with my rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder with the help of an amazing acupuncturist. I love acupuncture. It does wonders!

Having a hectic schedule these few weeks have been driving me bonkers. Also, I've just survived my first uni orchestra performance with a healing arm. Thank God I didn't have any recurring pain after the 2 hour long program, plus a 2.5 hour rehearsal before that! :) 

My current favourite coat! It's so comfy and warm. Though not quite helpful when it's raining. Lol

Went out last weekend to town for brunch with Doug & Shu Run to check out Pandoro Patisserie on Allen St. I absolutely loved the place! It was like... heaven. It was a perfect day to be there because I had cravings for sweet stuff and baked goods. Besides, I've been good the whole week and cycling my carbs. ;)

Chocolate Danish. 
Very yummy, but too sweet for my liking. (wth is wrong with me)

Now this, I liked. 
Blue Cheese and Bacon Scroll.
Not an avid fan of cheese, but this level of cheesiness in this one is just right. The mushrooms inside are an added bonus!

Shu Run's mega impressive Chicken Sandwich.
It was Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel on Turkish bread. The bread from Pandoro itself. The helping was so huge she needed help to finish this. Haha

Another winner - Doug's Mediterranean Lamb Burger.
The meat is heavily spiced and it's beautifully accompanied by coulis, cheese and beetroot. Also a very big portion. 

Needless to say that we were full for the entire day.

One highlight of the week for me this week is the Maxim Swimwear Model of the Year Grand Finals. 
(Kinda funny how I'm blogging about food and about to write about bikini models.. lol)

It was still kinda blurry to me that I made it to the finals in a bikini contest in another country. 
Was it scary? Yes, but it was exciting. It was quite an experience to be the only tiny Asian girl competing with the tall Angmoh beauties in their bikinis. Haha! It definitely drove me to be more disciplined with my diet and workouts though.

The pictures are quite crappy because they were taken by my phone in a really dark venue with irregular lighting. Bah.

It was quite nice to meet the other girls! They were really friendly.

Thanks Doug for this picture! <3
 It was really hard to take a good usable picture.
 So, I was introduced as a model featured in FHM Malaysia. (2012 Jan issue, hehe) 
While I was going backstage to change, some dude hollered at me "Eh Malaysia, kick ass ah!" in a very Malaysian sounding accent I was pretty stunned. Lol. That's a first.

All the finalists for the New Zealand round in bikinis. 
The winner gets to go to Gold Coast and represent NZ in the Australasia round. Can you guess who won? Hehe.

Congratulations ladies. You all deserved it :)
Make us proud in Aussie, Sarah babe!

Group photos.
 Looks shitty but thats about as much as my phone and editing skills can do. T_T At times like these, a good camera is handy. Unlike my stupid Samsung PL120 -____-

Although I didn't get a sash, I'm really glad to be a part of this competition despite it being just my 1st month back in Wellington. Also, it's another tiny title to put under my belt. :) It was a nice experience! My 2nd swimsuit competition, aside from the Roxy one in 2012. 

One of the best parts of this competition was to be escorted to the entrance of the stage by bouncers and bodyguards!! This is so that we don't get harrassed by drunks or just hamsup people in general. :P 
I felt so special and safe. 
We should have this in KL!

Oh yeah, I've managed to do this to my hair that night.
 Updo with short hair. Nailed it. Also gave a crap to pin flowers into my hair.

April, I'm ready for you!
Ashley Mah.

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