Reasons NOT to go to Gold Coast Morib Resort.

Last Tuesday, Kim and I have gone for a 1 night stay at the Gold Coast Morib Resort 
and I have to start by saying this,

  I am so thankful that it is only for a night's stay.

This blogpost is dedicated to explaining why I am so horrified/disgusted/appalled ( the list goes on...)
by this place. I am not being overly critical, but brutally honest.


You must be thinking, why go there in the first place?
About a few months back, there was an online deal on Street Deals for a one night's stay at this place. Out of good will, love and knowing that I can hardly spend time with my sister since I'm studying abroad, my mom got us the deal voucher. I totally don't blame her, in fact, I am quite touched that she did this for us without us even asking. That's my mom for you. Amazing woman she is. :)

 Kim and I knew it would disappoint her to know that we had quite a crappy time at Gold Coast Morib (GCM for short), but she understood and was quite horrified herself when she saw the place after dropping us off. Hah! How deceiving the pictures were on the deal site!!

Let me walk you through the many reasons of why you should not go to GCM, by numbers. 
Brace yo-selves.

1. The foul smell lingering in the air everywhere you go.

I always giggle like crazy when I hear people use the phrase "smelled like ass". 
But this would be the perfect time to use it! LOL. Seriously. You know why? Because there's a chicken feed just a few kilometers away from the resort.

Now, what I'm thinking is, why would you build a resort so close to where chickens feed and poop? Hence, when the wind blows, you get the smell of that everywhere. On the beach, at the poolside, in your rooms and even in the bathroom. There's no escape.*gag*

2. Service was HORRIBLE.
The receptionist was very rude to me when I checked in. With a face that simply spells out "I hate my job", how do you expect to work in hospitality? Besides, I think they are not well trained because they did not seem to know how to check me in and not understand when I asked them if I needed to bring a receipt with me when collecting my keys. By the way people, check in is at 3pm. So if you go at 12pm like me, you've gotta wait for your keys which will be given to you at...3pm at a separate place from the reception area. 
Also, Kim and I asked for our towels to be replaced as we took them to the beach. We never got our new towels. Period.

3. Our room was filthy.

It's that feeling my sis and I got when we entered a room that had hair on the floor... which were not ours. Gross! Before I took a shower and the floor had residue of soap. Coffee stains on mugs. Curtains were stained, made me not wanna touch them. The glass door had hand prints on them... like yucky children's hand prints. Gross. Seriously, at the very least, you expect a not super extravagant, but a clean room a"resort". Kim and I got the suite by the way which was priced at RM400-ish per night if I am not mistaken.

4. The waterpark and sea = a big No-no.

I would certainly not want to swim in brownish murky waters and risk getting a skin infection. Being bored in the hotel room, I went online to read other bloggers' reviews of this place and one of them had a skin infection so bad that the family had to go to a skin specialist for treatment. *shakes head* Needless to say, Kim and I didn't even bother going into the sea waters to play or swim. Yuck.

5. Lack of good dining choices.

I am not paying RM40++ for a hotel buffet that does not even look the part. Or a weird Korean buffet located at the beach area? Or The Pier that sells just finger food or Nasi/Mee Goreng for RM16++ a plate? Kim and I thought we'd be happier buying cup noodles from the convenient stores located inside the resort. I bought a loaf of bread with cream filling in it. I took a bite of it and it was sour. SOUR. I checked the expiration date before swallowing. IT WAS EXPIRED. I spat it out immediately and went downstairs to change it for a new one. The look on the convenient store lady's face was super duper beh song. Thank goodness I didn't swallow that shiz. Fml.

I've read on some blogs that there's good food nearby the resort. However, we didn't have a car. So there.

6. Going on a school holiday made it worse.

Screaming children everywhere, one almost crashing into me near the pool area. Some parents really do not know how to look after their children! Also, I woke up at 7am to more screams of children from neighbouring hotel rooms. Not ideal for a honeymoon holiday. 

7. Dodgy and possibly unsafe.

Some areas of the resort actually felt unsafe for 2 girls to be alone, like the lift area. It did not feel like a resort at all. Should have taken a picture of these places. The areas were quiet, dark and dodgy. Kim and I usually do our business and run into the lift by ourselves and make a quick dash to our room. Makes my heart beat faster when I see some man lingering around the lift area and looking at us. I had to have my pepperspray on standby. Better to be safe than sorry.

8. Breakfast... was the epitome of bad.

We went for breakfast at 8.30am, as we had the buffet breakfast voucher. The inside dining area was already full by then. We had to go to this tent that was outdoors and to my horror, there were flies everywhere, the place was filthy, it smelled so bad and there were tons of people finding a place to sit. The seating was like a round table that could sit 12 people.... plus at least 3 flies per table. I am not kidding. I found it so hard to bring myself to eat especially since I almost swallowed expired bread the night before. The food selection was so-so. They ranged from pancakes, to dimsum stuff to sausages. I was quite annoyed by the people pushing me while lining up. Seriously, ill-mannered people just push their way to get food or sauce. This lady just cut the line, shoved me out of her way saying that she wants chili sauce. What the hell man. Not only is this place disgusting, the people here are uncivilized too. Worst resort dining experience ever, if you could even call it that.

9.  Very poor cleanliness overall and bad maintenance

As if my rant on the filthiness of the hotel room was not enough,Kim almost puked in her mouth when she took a trip to the bathrooms located next to the "waterpark". The resort, the "waterpark" and the facilities were extremely dirty overall. Also, the air conditioning in our room was not working well. It was so hot and hard to sleep at night! Call maintenance? I doubt it'll happen (period) if our towels won't even reach our room. Lol it's okay I'll just sleep in my bikini.....no biggie.

10. The spacious room.

This is probably the one of the only "pro's" to this mega cons list. Yes, the room was very big, I think mainly because Kim and I got the studio suite.

11. The Jacuzzi was working!

No pools for the two of us. Instead, we just chilled in this bad boy.

Lesson learnt. Check out reviews before purchasing any kind of online deal especially if it is a hotel stay kinda thing. Mom and dad had a good laugh in the car after picking Kim and I up from GCM the morning after. Boy were we in a rush to check out! 

Verdict : 
Not worth the money if it wasn't for the discount deal.
 Never going back. Don't let the pictures fool you, including the ones in this post. They may look good from afar, but the real thing may just shock you. I didn't really have time or wanted to linger around long enough to take the pictures of the dirtiness or dodgy areas. Now that I think of it, I really should have.

Here are the rest of the pictures that we took. I was so glad that I had my sister's company. Spent the whole night bitching about things together and laughing at nonsense nonetheless. :)

All Kim and I did on the beach was take pictures and camwhore. 

It's the holiday season and I'm pretty sure there are many other affordable places to go than Gold Coast Morib, so make the right choice, people!

Happy holidays!

Ashley Mah.


  1. thats insightful.... dropping my plan to visit there... thanks to the blogger...

  2. Did you know... down the road... people release ashes into the sea...??? :P


  3. Oh god i bought the coupon deal before viewing your post

    1. Gosh, I hope you had a better experience than I did!

  4. I was thinking of buying the coupon but now a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. I was there in 2012 n planing to go there again this month.. nothing wrong with this resort..
    Kid love the water park and the price is ok..
    To the blogger u better stay in jungle

  6. I was there in 2012 n planing to go there again this month.. nothing wrong with this resort..
    Kid love the water park and the price is ok..
    To the blogger u better stay in jungle

  7. Im planning to go tomorrow...since read this all..im a bit worried now..hopefully all if fine with god grace...lets the kids enjoy thats most important...

  8. Hi, thanks for the review..was about to bring my family kids there tomorrow but was curious so I googled around. By the way your photo quality is very2 nice. May I now which camera u use for this photo? is it iPhone 6 or galaxy7?

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