The Muar Expedition

Okay so maybe expedition would be a little much to describe a random road trip that Evan and I had in mind to do before he starts his new job (Congrats, angel!). Okay no. It's not a little much because something unexpected happened.

Anyway, it was soooooo good to catch up with him after NZ with my still very jetlagged face and tired looking hair (before it got all prettied up by Raymond from Shawn Cutler *ahem*).

We caught up about a lot of things as we couldn't talk much whilst I was away because of the difference between time zones and stuff, so there was definitely a lot to say. A lot. One meetup was not enough. Somewhere in our conversation, we spoke about Doug and Muar and decided to do a foodie one-day trip there with Kim. Who knew that the day actually came! It was perfect timing as Kim has just finished her SPM by then and Evan had no prior engagements, and as for me, I'm on Holiday Mode, baby!

Doug was over the moon, of course. We met him up for lunch and Evan's finally met him for the first time. It looked like they hit off well. Kim was more than excited to stuff her face. I was just looking around Muar as it was my first time there.

Had one of the best Assam Fish dishes at this shop called...  Shee Yaan Restaurant (喜燕楼) . It's quite different from the ones I've had in KL. The ones in KL are sweeter & spicy  whereas this one was just sour. Still pretty good to me, heard that this place is usually packed for lunch.

As Muar is famous for its Otak Otak dish, which also happened to be Kim's favourite food, it would be a crime not to order it. Watch her flip. Lol. 

Had a few other dishes but I was too busy helping myself to the Assam fish to care about photo taking at that moment. Gave everyone a 20 second allowance for food phototaking because we were all so hungry.

Just after lunch.. like JUST, Kim made a stop at a cafe right next to the restaurant and we went in for dessert. Very typical of my lil sis, but you wouldn't imagine the smile on her face when her dessert was served to her. Lol heck, even I was surprised.

The highlight of this afternoon.
The bowl was as big as my face, I promise! I was quite impressed, although it's actually just shaven ice. Still a big serving for one although we ended up sharing it. Haha

Here's Kim devouring it. 

I had fried ice-cream for the first time. I still wonder how they did it. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. It was quite interesting.. Something you must try at least once in your life. Haha

Evan and Kim.
I feel like sometimes Evan is our long lost brother or something because...

....this happens.
 Especially after Kim gave him a Kim-styled wake up call at 8am in the morning before we left for KL. It's shocking... it was as if my sis was high on caffeine early in the morning. Lol we think she's just releasing pent up stress from SPM.

Yes, Mr Lee, I'm in your world now. 
Was nice to see him again. :) He looked quite different from the last time we met, after a good haircut.

Wasn't long till we chilled for a bit at his place and showed us around. And Kim got to wear this hat...

.... and played with his DSLR and Evan got to wear a real Kimono! The amount of clothes my boyfriend has is crazy. Even more than me. T_T Shame on me. Bleh

Then we went to this place where my dad usually gets Otak Otak(s) to bring home for us whenever he goes to work in Muar. Yumm. More food.

Went sight-seeing around the park after. It was a rainy day, unfortunately, and we didn't get to walk around. So, Doug drove us around instead. 

Made a short stop here to chill. 
Quite a nice place if not for the mozzies that were feasting on my blood.. that and rain.

Evan taking a shot too.

Don't hate me guys. I kinda like this shot. Hehe

Hehe. Look who's camwhoring too.

Group shot! 


After that, Doug took us to this place called Soup House which is famous for its Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup), among other things!

This picture is from www.hungrygowhere.my

The big bowl of soup with mutton meat in it was only priced at RM5. Dang, why can't food in KL be this cheap..

Kim had Mee Rebus.

Mee Goreng Mamak @ RM3.50

My Bihun Goreng @ RM4 with an egg.

The food was pretty good! I was stuffed. Very very stuffed. Probably a bad idea if you did a one day trip to a food place. :/

Then the most..unexpected thing happened. We were prepared to say our goodbyes to Doug, only to find out that our bus was delayed. After waiting in the bus station (tired and sticky and yucky) for 2 hours, we were told that the bus won't reach for quite some time as there was a big traffic jam caused by an accident on the highway. Damn. It was already 9.30pm, so we made a last minute decision to stay the night, rather than to wait any longer. 

Kim in her "zone" after we've left the bus station.

It was terrible, waiting for something that just did not come. Other buses came in, but not ours. But I sure thank my lucky stars that we weren't the ones trapped in the bus for 4-5 hours back to KL with no toilets or anywhere else to go. Doug was kind enough to house us for the night, so we spent the night at his. Met his family for the first time, and they were one of the nicest families I've met. They were very hospitable and friendly to Kim, Evan and myself... even the dog. After some time, Evan got to pet it without it barking. Although Kim was still scared of it. Haha. Somewhat amusing that she still wants to try to pet it. 

I made a beeline to shower after we've settled down at Doug's. A shower never felt so good!!! Hate being sticky in this humid weather. Bahahah ended up wearing one of Doug's shirts to sleep. So did Kim and Evan. After which, Doug took us to this place called Witchery Ider, famous for its teas. By teas, I mean things like bubble teas. Buy one Large tea and you get another Large one for free. A Large tea is priced at RM8.00. Take that, Chatime.

The illuminated Muar bridge after dark.

And a very happy Kim after eating much food for the day.

The morning after, we went out for a Muarian breakfast with his parents. I was so sleepy and decided to forgo pictures of food this time. Hehe

I was gifted these pair of shades by Doug's mom, who owns the boutique called L'Maureen. Was very kind of her! Love them.. they've been fetching compliments by my peers so far. I thought the shape was very unique, unlike the regular aviators. Feh. I'm so sick of the cheap ones I bought in NZ, which look like they're about to break any moment now. These ones will do and they've got UV protection. :D

To add to my welcome to Muar, a friend of Doug's was kind enough to give me a whole bag of Otak Otak and Duck rice although he hasn't met me until that day. How kind of him! Also another friend who lent Kim and I his Samsung charger, or else.. no more food pictures!! :P I feel so love and thankful to have such nice people around me. Big thanks to Doug and his family too. Now I've lots of Otak Otak in my freezer and Kim can eat till she's stuffed. Haha

I hope to make another trip this time, no more delayed buses (hopefully), and longer time there than rushing everything in one day. I've not done a one day trip in my life and don't think I ever intend to unless I'm going there for a specific dish or attraction. Also, I don't like the idea of going to dinner feeling sticky. Lol Tim had a good laugh when I told him about the whole bus station ordeal the next day.

Was quite unexpected, but surprisingly nice to have our tiny trip extended. Lol I guess something interesting will always happen when you've got Kim and I at the same place, what more with Evan! Lol

Will come by next time. 
 I could do with more Assam Fish!


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