Kayaking, NZ Tattoo & Art Festival & Horse Riding

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It's been hella long since I've last written - sorry - just busy with life and sorts. Just wrapping up my Travel Diaries before proceeding on more updates. The last bit of our big vacay last year was the NZ Art and Tattoo Festival, kayaking and horse riding.

More of New Zealand's postcard beauty to share with you all.
First, kayaking. Also check out my fabulous outfit - it was raining on the day.

After putting that on, we were out in the water. It drizzled on and off,but it made the tour all the more fun! I'd take my parents kayaking next time, although I think my mom would hate getting her hair wet.

The water was amazingly still, like glass. It was so beautiful!

That's our tour guide - smiling and laughing at our noobness. Did you know Doug hit me over the head with his paddle? -_- It really hurt. Just glad our kayak did not capsize.

The tour guide took us to a small glow worm cave at first, then we kayaked to these hot pools.

The jetty - look at the water! Dang. You're not gonna find that anywhere in Malaysia - definitely not at Port Dickson.

The hot pools were hot. But I wasn't really a fan of the leaves dropping everywhere and mud and bugs and dirt - I'm a princess. Nonetheless, I enjoyed kayaking like crazy back to our little lake - where we came from. Doug is surprised I could paddle so much. *flexes muscles*

The whole tour took about 4 hours, and right after, we made our trip to New Plymouth. Not a good idea to have a 3 hour drive after a 4 hour kayaking session.

Our next stop was the long awaited NZ Tattoo and Art Festival.
Check out the line of people waiting to enter!

The fun just begun! Tattoo artists from all over the world - even Pink Tattoo Studio from SS15, SUBANG JAYA omg small world much?!

And then I got a picture with New York Ink's Megan Massacre! Was so starstruck, although I didn't get any ink from her! Haha just not now, I guess, not until I've decided what I really wanted.

Good weather in New Plymouth! After the festival, we proceeded to Fitzroy Beach.

The view was breathtaking. But it was insanely windy.


So, I've not been horse trekking before - let alone trying to record while staying on the saddle. So far, I think the Toshiba Camileo X-Sports Camera has been pretty good! Just would prefer having the head strap so it wouldn't be so difficult to hold it. After all, it ain't a GoPro. Quality-wise, I'm pretty happy with.

I managed to stay in the saddle - which was great. But at some point, Peaches got kinda over excited and started galloping really fast and jumping over water puddles. So I had a mini heart attack. Otherwise, she was a really good girl.

Me & Peaches and her trainer. :) 

The whole trip was a really good experience. I'm so glad we made it back in one piece, but aching, and so very tired. For the most part, just happy we got to get out and experience more of New Zealand's beautiful scenery and have some R&R. 

Looking forward to more travels!

Ashley M

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  1. Oh gosh I miss NZ so much :( Only going back in July, absolutely torturous wait!