PLAYBOY "Play Together" Party x Official Launch of Playboy Condoms

All the bunnies came out to play last Thursday night at none other than The Rabbit Hole, Changkat Bukit Bintang for the official launch of Playboy Condoms in Malaysia. Marketing their brand in over 80 countries, Playboy is finally launching its condoms in Malaysian stores!

Malaysia's own Playboy Bunny, Felixia Yeap's appearance was one of the highlights of the night, along with her fellow bunnies and hot hunks. Eye candy everywhere that night. Hehe

A sexy group of dancing bunnies to entertain the guests that night. 

Tim & myself partying the night away.

With MHB girls Sarah and Stephanie, and Shirley

Met Pauline Tan there too! It's been so long!

Donning our bunny ears! Besides, I cannot think of any other occasion besides Halloween where you can wear bunny ears without being weird than that night. :D I LOVE MY BUNNEH EARS.

Took part in some "Sexy Pose" contest onstage. Lol I had no idea what I was doing... in front of everyone.... *dies of embarrassment* But hey, I won tickets to a Jazz Festival and a deck of golden Playboy cards. :)

All of us went onstage. Hehe glad to know I wasn't alone.

Tim + Tiger Beer + Playboy Bunnies = Happy Tim

More about The Rabbit Hole. Quite an interesting place as there were 3 rooms opened that night with 3 different concepts.

They are ; the Bar at the Ground Floor, Heineken Green Room - which is like a clubbing area concept, Guinness Arthur's Lounge - a cigar room type of concept. I preferred the Heineken Green Room because it is more likely that I'd dance the night away there. 

There will be up to 6 different rooms opened in this 3 story building located at the end of Changkat street, opposite Havana Club. 

Showcasing the product.

Playboy Condoms are exclusively distributed in Malaysia by RC Intact (M) Sdn Bhd 
and can be found at Watsons Stores nationwide. 

Variants of Playboy Condoms available in packs of 3's and 12's are : 

the ultra sensational Lubricated Ultra Thin,
 extra stimulating Lubricated Dotted, 
triple sensation Lubricated 3-in-1, 
naturally fitting Lubricated Regular, 
 & Lubricated Extra Fit.

More info on Playboy Condoms at https://www.facebook.com/pbcmalaysia
On a more personal note, I have been having a very shitty week. Morib, one of the shittiest dance rehearsals in my life, falling sick for a week, bloatedness and more bad news..... However, I did feel my mood up a notch when I was at the party. Needless to say, I've gone straight into my room and camwhored more with my bunny ears because I thought they looked cute. Bunny for a night. Lol. 
Hope all of you are having a good Christmas today! I know I am. :)
Ashley Mah.


  1. Lovely event! Ehhh that playboy bunny didnt wear hijab? wakakakaka! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u! :D

  2. Hahahahah no she didn't. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you too!!!

  3. Hahahahah no she didn't. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you too!!!