Violin performance at the Les Miserables Gala Premier @ GSC Signature, The Gardens

 Back in action again with my string soulmate!

I was so excited when I got a call from Red FM Malaysia to perform on the violin for the Gala Premier of the movie Les Miserables at GSC Signature, The Gardens last night.

After being told that it was a gala, I knew a mini cocktail or clubbing dress just would not do! 
What better than to be dressed elegantly in a cream coloured Bariano gown, since I was performing classic tunes from the movie on my acoustic violin, accompanying Priya on vocals.

It was a given that the devil was my plus one that night, looking dashing and sweet enough to help me carry my violin wherever I went.

Who could ever forget my world class Personal Assistant/Sister/Plus two, struttin' her stuff in a hot pink dress last night! Kim also helped me with my hair catastrophe I encountered when getting ready. ilubyou for braiding my thick monstrous hair~

Priya, myself & Kim. Priya and I performed "I Dreamed a Dream" and "White Christmas". The woman could really sing!

Met a couple of familiar faces there as well. 
Here's Liang & myself.

Was surprising to see Jeremy Choy there as well!

Jeremy Teo from Red FM.

Kat, myself, Maria, who played the cello beautifully and Kimmeh.

Here's a trailer of the movie.

Verdict : 8/10. 

Pretty damn awesome, I'd say.
 Shame I was quite exhausted and almost fell asleep at some parts but it was really really good. 
Hugh Jackman can really sing too! FYI, girls, he is *SO* not hot in this movie so be ready to see a not so hunky Jackman. Haha!
 All in all, my favorite character in the movie is Helena Bonham Carter, so this movie is a must-watch!


 Ps. Here's a video of one of the songs we performed. Taken by my iPhone.

Also, I will be interviewed on BERNAMA RADIO tomorrow at 9pm, frequency is 93.9! So be sure to tune in!

 Ashley Mah

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