The Singapore Diaries : The Lights

It's that time of the year where people are rushing to do suuuuper last minute Xmas shopping at malls, some people prepping for their Xmas/eve meals, and as for me, it's gonna be shopping for ingredients tomorrow morning at Jaya Grocer's!

 Anyway, I was away last month for a few days as I was busy having a city holiday at Singapore with my mom and Kim. It was a well deserved holiday too!

Day 1

We took a bus down to Sg eeeearly at 7.45am and reached at 2pm. It was really slow because of the long lines at the immigration office. Sad to say, people from my homeland made the queue move even slower by creating an extra line aside from shoving each other as if we were at a bloody "Pasar Malam" (Nightmarket). Seriously? Some people are lacking etiquette!

After reaching Sg and being warmly welcomed by my lovely grandaunt, Mom, Kim and myself took a shower and got ready to head out in the evening. While Kim & mom went out for dinner with my cousins, I had met up with an Sg friend.

One thing I really loved about Singapore was the lights and Xmas decor that set in the Xmas mood at most malls.... aside from the shopping. I just enjoy seeing all the bright lights when at night. It's amazing! Something for a change, compared to all the island-y Penang trips I've done this year!

 After dinner, I was brought to Clarke Quay, which is facing the Singapore River. The view was simply amazing. And after having taken this shot by my lousy Samsung camera, I wasn't so pissy with it for the next hour.

Clarke Quay is a place which has a whole stretch of bars and even clubs, eateries and shops. All in one place! It's like the Changkat of Singapore, only better. In my opinion, they've way cooler clubs and music! 

One thing about the nightlife here in Sg that I love, is that there are so many places to choose from, rather than going back to the same old place to party all the time.

I was lucky enough to be taken on a personal tour around the whole of Clarke Quay and visited most of the clubs there! One of them is this place called Forbidden City. It's a restaurant and a club. Unfortunately it was a Tuesday night, so it was pretty quiet. 

Nonetheless, this place is decked with huge statues (like the one on the right) and there's even an ice bar located inside the club! I thought the decor was nice. Even had a decent dancefloor. Don't know how it's like on a regular Friday night though.

One of the many places to eat here, which has al-fresco dining, facing the Singapore River, hence the view and all that.

 Surprised to see a Hooters outlet here! Apparently, this is the first Hooters outlet in Asia. Apparently, the Hooters waitresses are one of the main reasons on why this place is so famous. Needless to say, customers, mostly angmohs, like flirting with them. XD

..well it did say here that they're flattery operated. Lol

After doing quite a bit of walking around Clarke Quay, I was then brought to Marina Bay Sands.

Looks awesome right? Not a pic taken by me of course. But I had gone up on the spaceship-looking thingy, which is the Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

I visited Ku De Ta, which is a night club located at the Skypark, at the 57th floor!
There was an infinity pool there was well, where guests staying at the Marina Bay Sands Resort could enjoy the breathtaking view of Singapore.

*Super jealous of the hotel guests*

The view is much prettier in real life, this pic was taken by my iPhone 4. Oh yeah, one of the reasons I enjoyed Ku De Ta was because they played a really mean mix of House music! I was beaming the moment Hed Kandi was blasted over the speakers.

Despite it not being a party night, it was one of the best Tuesday nights I've had in months. And this marked the start of my awesome Sg trip. Whee.

Day 2

 Rise & Shine!

Day two started off pretty early when Dolly jie picked us up for breakfast with Rei & Iz. Our first stop was VivoCity.

Eggs and toast to start off a long day of walking, shopping, sight-seeing and most importantly, family time. :)

Speaking of which, I knew I just had to have these pair of Charles & Keith boots as I couldn't find them in KL! No fuss of not having them in my size or the color that I wanted. Everything was perfect. I got the nude ones btw, as you can tell from the violin shoot I did with ShaunzSee & Wyluxx.

It says Alexandra!

The not-so-little-anymore bundle of joy nephew whom I've not seen in a year! 

"Say Hi, Iz."

"Okay you get to put on my shades.."

Messing around at Toys 'R Us at VivoCity.

 Rei, who's grown up to be all ladylike and sweet.

We spent the whole day with Dolly jiejie, Rei & Iz.

 First at Vivocity, where we did a bit of shopping, then made a stop at Ikea to let Iz play for an hour at the gym while all of us females did more shopping at a nearby mall.

 Got myself 2 loose tops from Cotton On for $5 each. Best part - they never run out of XS size.

Evening skies.

At night, mom, Kim and I went to Orchard Road to shop... some more! 
More Xmas decor and lights! :) 

Made a short stop at 313@Sommerset where mom went crazy (in a good way) and bought a lot of original recordings of Classical music, which can't be found in KL. Shoulda seen her "mata rambang" face when she stepped into the classical section at HMV..... Priceless.

That night, I went to Clarke Quay again, this time with Mom & Kim and we had dinner with one of Mom's friends... at Hooters! XD

They had really delicious chicken wings. 
Wouldn't mind going there again. *noms*

 Ashley Mah

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