[ADV] Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition launch

 Are you ready to see pink?

Here's what happened at the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition launch!

Since it's the Samsung Super Sweet BFF Party, I decided to bring my BFF in the entire universe, my own sis, Kim, who's gonna be forever taller than me despite being younger by 3 years.

 -_- What more with heels. Meh, love her anyway. :)

 The phone launch took place at GSC Pavilion,KL. 

Who knew the whole cinema area could look so pink and pretty! I was so excited the moment the hues of pink caught my eye and all the pretty pink and white balloons that greeted guests at the entrance!

And finally the treasure we've all been waiting for... the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Limited Edition phone!

Is it adorable or what! It's fun-sized, and best part of it all, it's TOTALLY Hello Kitty-fied. I'm not even kidding. 

It has a fully customized Hello Kitty user interface, wallpaper and ringtones for you gals to enjoy! Plus, it has up to 350 hours of battery life for more BFF time! 
Its OS is Android (Gingerbread 2.3) with access to Google Play for applications like Facebook. Oh yeah, did I mention a 2MP camera to capture those BFF moments, and by that, I actually mean... camwhore? XD

The perfect phone for girls.

The launch was emceed by the beautiful Jojo Struys.
At 2.30pm, us girls were all ready to be pampered!

Adorable pink themed food & drinks! The pink drink was "Sirap Bandung", btw.
We were also served yummy bite-sized tarts and pretty cupcakes!

The airbrush tattoo station ready to operate!
We could choose to get a Hello Kitty airbrush tattoo wherever we wanted.. 
I was gonna go for the face but it occurred to me that I would be stuck with a Hello Kitty tattoo for the next few days... so.. collarbone instead! Lol

Kim getting hers done on her back!

More things that got me suuuuuper excited... are these super girly and old school Hollywood style dressing tables! I insist on having one in my room next time.

 Makes putting make up feel all the more glamorous.*wink*

Having my makeup makeover done by this really friendly makeup artist!

And after which, a hair stylist put a little twist into my ordinary hairstyle.. literally.
 I loved it! Made me feel like a partial Princess Leia. Tried to recreate it at home. Success!

The party continued with a Hello Kitty inspired fashion show.

I personally loved the last ensemble the most! Hehe. 
Sexy + cute wrapped into one outfit.

Had much fun with the other BFF's as well!
^ with Kate Lee

Made a new friend that day, Ashleigh! Yumi looked so adorable in her kitty hat.

Was thrilled to finally meet blogging sensations who made a special appearance ;
 fourfeetnine Audrey & Cheesie

Kelly Siew & Ashleigh, who joined me and Kim for the rest of the event... and had the worst taxi ordeals to end the night! Lol. And despite all that, we managed to end the night with laughter and smiles. Was quite an adventure for the 4 of us.

with Anna! Matching headbands!

The event ended with the movie screening of Rise of the Guardians in 3D for us! It was such a cute movie! And that coming from a person who's not really into animation, it has to be quite good. And it was! Go catch it in cinemas now!

So, wanna get the perfect Christmas gift for your BFF?

Here 's where you can get these limited edition phones!
https://www.facebook.com/notes/samsung-mobile-malaysia/samsung-sep-list/420026001372526 and also, stand a chance to win a trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!

For more info, check out the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty page app:

Samsung Malaysia's FB Page

Hurry and get these phones before they go out of stock! 
Cos remember, they're limited edition!

Enjoyed my pink Saturday!

 Ashley Mah

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