Haunted Ria Apartment

So I have people asking me about my experience at Ria Apartments with the Genting gang. You can read about that here. I did mention I was gonna write about it but I was a bit scared to write about it at night. Heh

Well, it's 11.31 a.m. now and I shall tell the story.

We stayed at Ria Apartments at Genting for a night, not really knowing that Ria Apartments were haunted as heck and not expecting an eerie stay of course. Once we checked into the apartment, I felt creeped out as I stepped out of the lift, seeing eerie looking corridors and etc. At least our apartment looked fairly alright in the day as there was light. Still, me and a few others felt quite uneasy at the apartment itself and the group decided to not hang around much in the apartment while we were at Genting.

After coming back from the theme park and Ben using the bathroom, me being a neurotic hygiene freak insisted on washing my face at the kitchen, as there was a sink anyway. I was a bit scared to go alone, so I called Charmaine with me. It was around 7.45 pm. 
The kitchen felt somewhat colder than the other rooms in the apartment. Ignoring that, I quickly took off my glasses and washed my face in the sink. There was a huge window right in front of the sink, the leads to outside of the apartment, I think but it was dark outside.. probably an empty apartment corridor. 

After rinsing my face, I saw some movement outside the window, looked like a shadow that flew quite fast. Super freaked out. But did not say anything, with my face still wet, I grabbed my glasses and dragged Charmaine out of the kitchen with me.

I decided to forget about the incident, since I didn't want to creep myself and the rest out as we were staying the night at the apartment.

After dinner and our crazy dance night at The Patio, we were all rowdy and noisy when we were back. Somehow, we all did not want to sleep just yet. For some of us, (like me), we weren't too comfortable to sleep in the apartment. So I'd rather tire myself out so I can just K.O on the bed till morning. 
The weird thing about the apartment is that you feel as though you are being watched. I thought I was the only one feeling as paranoid as this but to my surprise, the rest mentioned the same thing.

Another creepy incident was as Ben was taking a shower in the bathroom, he felt like he was being watched by more than one person. Especially at the window (bathroom had a super huge window, dunno why) and mirror. Although that did not explain much, but he had experienced 'things' before, so I believed him. Our apartment had quite 2 distinctively eerie paintings which sent chills down my spine when I walked past it. The unit also had around 5 little dolls underneath the TV at the living area. I really did not like those dolls. 

So when we were playing cards, talking and laughing, we did feel as though we were being watched and at one point, all of us suddenly fell silent and stopped making noises. Then, we went to bed. Or at least tried.

 I had such a hard time sleeping because I kept hearing alot of people whispering and talking in the living room, as if a group of people were having a yumcha session. 
And I knew there wasn't anyone there. So, I forced myself to sleep anyway.

In the morning at 7am, Daniel went to take a shower. Then he heard a soft knock on the bathroom door about 2 times. Thinking it was one of us, he finished and came out of the bathroom.. and found all of us dead asleep.

 So who knocked?

We all only dared to speak about all of these AFTER we checked out of Ria Apartments... We did suspect that we somehow 'attracted' spirits when we made alot of noises at night. Plus, it was the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Hence, it might have explained some 'things'. We were all quite surprised at each other's "experiences" and felt somehow relieved that we were not crazy or paranoid.

I'm never staying at Ria Apartments anymore. It was so good to be home! The morning after, I googled Ria Apartments and to my horror found a string of haunted experiences of peoples' stay at Ria Apartments. Some were worse than ours. Anyway, here are some of the links.

Definitely had chills run down my spine while writing this post and recalling what had happened.

Well, Genting Highlands is definitely notorious for hauntings because of gamblers committing suicide, from what I've been told. So there you go, gambler ghosts. I had encountered a creepier incident at First World Hotel, two years back.

I never believed it when people say they've seen spirits or people without a face.
 I was proven so wrong when I stayed at First World Hotel with my girlfriends two years ago. When we were walking back to our hotel room, I had an uneasy feeling. As we were all girls and had money on us, I feared us getting mugged cos it was 3am. Then I heard someone walking behind us, turned around and saw an old man. Which was cool, cos he turned to the left to the lifts. But behind him was a lady, who looked like a hotel receptionist. She was walking really fast as if in a hurry. And I noticed that... she had no face.
Making sure I was not imagining things, I turned behind again, she was gone.

That totally answered my question to whether it was a  real lady or not.

 Ashley Mah


  1. Ria Apartment is famous for their ghost story. U heard of a lad jumping down from 14th floor before? It says that he saw something before he jumped off from the balcony. True story. An acquaintance of mine was a friend of the deceased.

  2. :O I am not surprised. Notorious, "dirty" place

  3. LoL. Funny how most ghost stories are word of mouth more than actual first-hand experiences. While some are true, most are urban legends and some border on mythical..

    Not saying that yours isn't but everyone got some sort of story. And, guess what, here's mine. I posted this on another blog before, too lazy to type, so copy paste can lah haa.. :)

    Haiyerr… you ppl are scared waaaaay too easily. the whole blardy genting is haunted lar. no matter where you stay. even maxims got ghost.
    my friend works there and has been there the last 10 years. he confirm. even you walk outside at nite can see ghost one… so why care? just let them do their stuff..

    back to Ria, i just stayed there like 2-3 weeks back. floor 20, unit 2019, selangor tower. left after exit lift. i was there with a friend, friend's sister & sister’s bf. 4 peeps one unit. checked in around 7pm. Place was ok ok only.2 bedrooms. Me & friend took master bedroom. the nite while sleeping, there was this knocking sound coming from the bathroom. like someone was knocking on the door. at first ok la. then after a while got annoying since the bathroom door is next to the bed.. so i told the fella, oi.. orang mau tidor laa. it stop. then after few mins, start again. so, same thing lor.. told the fella to stop and it stopped. a bit later the knocking start again.. this time really tulan, told the fella.. you don’t stop, i come in there kick your ass wei~
    knocking stopped finally. that was already around 4am… really beh tahan with that fella.. kacau people sleep..

    next morning, go b’fast at marrybrown. so i ask the rest, you all got hear anything or not. both the sister and bf confirm they also got hear knocking on their door and also at the front door. they just make dunno only.. and continue sleep whole night..

    my point is, don’t let small things and stories scare you. yes, the whole of genting is haunted, but the most is, they don’t let you sleep only…
    like that door knocking fella…

  4. Perhaps trying not to care would help. But some of us are sensitive to these things. It's only human to get creeped out by spirits and scary things! Not all of us have the guts to tell whatever is knocking to stop it because one wants to sleep. Imagination or not.
    Besides, who doesn't love a ghost story? ;) despite being scared, there's a part of us that is curious to find out more.

  5. People are still staying there till today. Probably because no choice if the other accommodation all booked out.

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  7. Interesting stories. I was thinking to stay at First World Hotel, Ria Apartment and Amber Court one time and investigate them at night when every guests are asleep.

    Ever since I went to the First World Hotel till now, I never experience anything so I thought about doing a live investigation there with my friends in the future :)