6 dancers to invade Genting

So the pre-weekend was spent with my 5 dancer buddies at Genting Highlands.

Woke up early on a Thursday morning, headed over to my dance partner's place and started preparing lunch before the drive up. Best Bolognese & flour-less chocolate cake ever made. Haha! Imagine cooking with your dance partner. Everything moves twice the speed! 

After lunch, we drove up to Genting. We arrived pretty late in the afternoon. So after checking into our apartment, which was Ria Apartments (super scary, I'll talk about that later), we headed to the theme park. We only had about 2 hours to go on as many rides as we could. The lack of time didn't really matter to us, we had so much fun anyway.

Myself & Charmaine 

Our lovebirds David & Brenda

I thought we were the rowdiest, noisiest, most annoying bunch of 6 people in the whole of Genting that day! Haha! We sung songs like Jason Mraz's I'm Yours and Can't Take My Eyes Off You on the Corkscrew ride, which eventually ended up in shrieking the lyrics because of the adrenaline rush. Tapping and clapping salsa beats while waiting for the ride to start, yelling, laughing, screaming, you name it.

Better yet, singing Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" alternating verses on the Pirate Ship Ride! With 3 girls on the left side of the ship and 3 boys on the right side,

Girls : "Hey, I just met you"
Boys : "And this is crazy"
Girls : "So here's my number"
Boys : "So call me maybe!"

Yeah throughout almost the whole ride. The boys ended up singing some chinese song anyway. People in the front, I'm so sorry for the noise!

After the theme park, we just walked around aimlessly, chilling and talking. It was so much fun to hang out with these guys. And it was definitely a no-brainer when we started talking about dance, because that's what brought us all together.

Eventually, we found ourselves dancing in the park until the sun set.

My famous partner. My hair matches the red of his T-shirt. This is why we're partners. Haha

David says I've got "Zouk hair". He's an awesome Zouk dancer, with Brenda, who's his Zouk dance partner too.

Brenda showing off her Zouk hair. Get it now?
 Zouk dance has alot of hair flinging, to emphasis movement. I think Zouk's a beautiful dance, but I suck at it.

Charmaine and Ben salsa-ing. Ben's our life of the party and photographer. But I hijacked his camera to take some pictures of him!

By the time we finished playing around and dancing, the sky was a dusty shade of blue. The clouds were just so mesmerizing...

Headed back to our creepy apartment, changed and went for dinner at the Mushroom Farm. Surprisingly, the food was affordable and pretty damn good. We had meat, mushrooms (duh) and rice.

Sweet & sour pork ribs.

Mayonnaise chicken

The night got even crazier after dinner when we decided to go to First World Plaza to hang around like hobos. As if we hadn't had enough of monkeying around.

What caught my attention was the Rock&Roll music coming from The Patio, which was a Bar & Lounge. So there was an Elvis impersonator who was performing that night.

We just HAD to get there.

Music was so good there and the gang appreciates oldies and good rock n roll. Thank goodness for their awesome sense of music, we clicked so well. Hence, walked into the casino (like a baus) and made our way into The Patio. Ordered some drinks and chilled.

Suddenly, Ben and I had the dance itch and started dancing on the floor. The others joined in. Elvis seemed happy that the people were getting more hyped up. We were even called up to dance onstage! It was crazy. We danced nonstop, exchanged partners for 3 friggin hours!! Even better, there was a live band that played Salsa/Latin songs after Elvis! We were more than excited!

Alex Wong, who did a tribute to Elvis Presley that night for us. And who also got me so hooked to rock and roll now!

Walking together in the cold mist just made me feel so at ease and took my mind off everything. For once, I can really say that I wished to be nowhere else or with anyone else while on this awesome trip.

It was a wicked trip to start the holidays.
 We crashed a lounge bar and turned it into a social dance scene. I mean, who the hell does that?

We do.

Ashley Mah

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