Snip snip, Buzz Buzz!

 That's a chunk of my hair that's been chopped off!!!

*le screams*


By  Megan from A Salon. :)

 Hehe I'm such a drama queen.
So, I did the half-shaved hairstyle after having the same hairstyle for like 4 years! Wanted to try something new. After thinking about it for a few months, I just decided to spontaneously go with it when I went for a haircut at A Salon.

I was actually really inspired by Rihanna's hairstyle. Not Skrillex.. Honestly, I didn't know how he looked like till a few weeks ago. Phail.


I just loved Rihanna's do so much! I thought it was still rather feminine with an edge.

Was very inspired by Shakira's faux half-shaven do, instead of shaving, she did cornrows!
I attempted it as well. And loved it. Remember the prom post?

Yeah, doesn't really look like cornrows obviously, I had rolled my hair n pinned it tightly. Cos I'm lazy. Haha!
My heart beat so hard and fast in my chest when I was holding that piece of hair in my hand and Megan was gonna snip it off! I did it anyways..

And it turned out like this!

At first, it wasn't really obvious that I've shaven my side.. And what's the point of doing it when you don't wanna show it off? ;)

So I went back to A Salon and had them do Adidas-inspired lines! 
Just kidding about the Adidas bit, was a joke a friend made about it. lol

And there you go. 

More pics of my hair. :) 
This was right after I had my lines done. 
Tim & I were at the launch of DC Shoes at Paradigm Mall last Friday. 

Once again, I can sigh with relief that I made another good move with my hair. And not end up in tears or regretting it! I absolutely love the edge and hint of badassery! (my new favorite word) 

I love my new hair! Or the lack of it on one side. It's definitely more airy one one side now too!

Some people call it 'hipster'. 
 Looks contemporary and edgy to me. 
So, expect to see more pics of my new hair in more posts to come!

Ashley Mah


  1. What happens when you want it to grow back? That's the awkward part.

  2. Well, I made sure that there was enough hair to cover it when it's growing back! Haha, other than that, it's just patience. :) I plan to keep this hairstyle for awhile.