Triple A Ceremony

So! Right after the Hennessy Artistry Penang, it was, believe it or not, my prom/graduation for A Levels. Yeah, it's called the Triple A Ceremony, held in Sunway Lagoon Resort and Spa.

Since my camera was behaving badly the whole of the Penang trip, I decided to use my phone. In fact, I only carried my phone and ticket with me the entire night!

I wore, the ever famous blue mermaid gown that saved my life after the dress I planned to wear had a zip malfunction in the afternoon.

Plus, I wore anchor earrings and blue eyeshadow to match!

My classmate Samantha, who looked gorgeous that night!

Sky & myself.

Kristal & myself

It was nice seeing all my classmates together again. Just this time, everyone looked so different dressed up and wearing makeup. Usually us A Levels peeps just look so tired from all the studying! 

And it occurred to me that this is the end of the ride for all of us. No more A Levels. No more exams. No more classes! At the same time, we won't get to see our friends that often anymore, especially those who are flying off overseas to further their studies. Although my parents made a slight mistake putting me in this course just to enter a music uni in Singapore, and the exams were the craziest I've ever had, I definitely don't regret this ride.

I've met so many amazing people. 
Definitely learnt A LOT.
 Had so many memories and grew up so much within this 1 1/2 years.

One of the reasons why I definitely do not regret is because of this pretty lady in this picture down here. *points down*

My partner-in-crime and my twin. Without her, I sure as hell wouldn't have had such a fun 1 1/2 years of A Levels. We went through shitty times and had our fun throughout the whole of A Levels. And we grew up so much together. Good thing the ride doesn't end here for the two of us. ;)

Goodbye, A Levels & Sunway College! 
It's been quite a journey.

 Ashley Mah

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