Hennessy Artistry Penang :: The Party

Penang looked rather beautiful as the sun went down... which only meant that it was time for Hennessy Artistry Penang to happen! 
We wasted no time in getting down to party at  the island's trendiest waterfront, at Straits Quay Convention Centre (SQCC).

By the time it was 10pm, the convention centre was packed with party people! Mostly from Penang and some from KL too. There was about more than 2000 party goers just waiting to get it started at Hennessy Artistry Penang.

My outfit for the night :
Dress from Forever21
Shoes from Vincci
Accessories from Peacocks

Yeah, so this was us "BEFORE", during the day.

and this was "AFTER", all dolled up and in our highest heels!

 Like always, Hennessy presents the Hennessy Mixing Bar, where guests enjoyed the signature Hennessy VSOP long drinks, that ranged from Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda.

Here I was shown how to mix my own Hennessy Apple. It was delicious! :)

Famous for mind blowing parties and fresh experiences, Hennessy Artistry amazed guests at the party with Hennessy's very own  Hennessy 360 Cam for the first time in Malaysia!
 Just like at the Grammy Awards and Golden Globes, a seamless 360 degree panoramic video will be taken of partygoers who pose in the middle of the stage, shot by multiple cameras.

Here's our go at the 360 Cam!

Other than that, guests were required to download and register on the MyHennessy mobile app. This app enabled them to scan a video of their own Hennessy 360 Cam turn, and upload it onto the Hennessy Malaysia Facebook wall. They will also be automatically tagged, through the QR code! The MyHennessy mobile app also allows guests the receive the latest updates from Hennessy Malaysia.

Anna, Naomi, and I 

Naomi, myself & Sam

Pretty Sammie and myself!

Sam, Nicole, myself & Jackie

Myself , Anna and Ken

"We love house music!"

It was really exciting to be at a party again, especially after finals! Especially when I'm privileged enough to be right infront of the DJ table and enjoy the awesome house music spun by DJ Ramsey Westwood, who was the party starter of the night.

 MCs Rich and Holly kept the party spirit going in the venue, totally turned into a dance sphere for the night, complete with a ginormous stage for the upcoming performances. I thought MC Rich was quite a looker. Heh.

Suki Low wowed the crowd with her powerful vocals and joined Ramsey Westwood onstage performing  hits such as Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory to Katy Perry’s Fireworks and a mash-up of Rihanna’s We Found Love with Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Lollipop F wowed the crowd with their tightly choreographed dance moves, performing Dance and 4th Dimension.

DJ Andy Moor managed to hit all the sonic sweet spots and more, the crowd was dancing nonstop!

The night ended with a blast of energetic dance tracks spun by house and electro meister DJ Ernest C, who took the decks!

It was definitely a party to remember. I had such a ball hanging out with the team, enjoying and dancing to quality house and electro music, all at the same time, sipping on my Hennessy Apple!

Picture credits to Samantha, CleverMunkey, Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and author's own

 Ashley Mah

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