Monologue :: Deal Breakers

I've just gotten back from another Penang trip, this time with my lovely family. After reaching KL, I immediately went for Salsa classes and rehearsals! #likeaboss
Penang was blissful! I shall write up more about it later. and with more pictures! It was a much needed holiday for my family and I.

Just some food for thought.
 I was watching Sex and The City an hour ago, the question of that particular episode was 
"In relationships, what is the deal breaker?"
Got me thinking a little, I bet each and everyone has a different answer. I'd like to know! Dating counts in the question of course.
 In that episode, Charlotte had dumped a guy because he was a bad kisser, so bad kissing was her deal breaker. And Carrie was dumped by Aidan, because she smoked. That's his deal breaker.

Can some "deal breakers" be overlooked? 

To what extent would you overlook the habits or characteristics of a person you really like or love? 

Would you change your habits for the person whom you really like or love?

So yeah. Deal breakers.
What's yours?

 Ashley Mah


  1. I have one!
    Deal breaker- A guy who lacks self confidence

  2. Haha I have one. A guy who has too much self confidence and has an air of arrogance!