Be FURLESS, be Fearless!

This is a very.. Personal.. Intimate.. Feminine post!

I went to FURLESS at Jaya One, seeking a new waxing experience. 

The objective of FURLESS is to bring out the confidence in women. Since women are shameful and shy about body hair, FURLESS believes that when they are fearless after hair removal! 
Hence the FURLESS be fearless tag line.

Check out the adorable multicolored mini sofa chairs at the waiting section! Teehee

The list of services at affordable prices

The benefits of waxing is that the removal of hair starts from the roots, unlike shaving, which breaks the hair.
Shaving also causes discoloration of the skin, growth of stubbles, and ingrown hair.
Furthermore, waxing lasts longer and exfoliates the skin!

The products used at FURLESS are imported specialized products that cater to individual skin types. 

With the Threesomes promotion, I can enjoy 3 sessions for Brazillian waxing for RM268! Totally worth it!! Here's why : One session of intimate waxing is RM96. 3 sessions and it totals to RM288. With the promotion, I get to save RM 20.

After being briefed about what FURLESS was all about, I was then brought into a comfy room, dimly lit with relaxing lights to double cleanse and get ready to be waxed.

My therapist of the day was Fay.
 She introduced me to hard wax, which was the wax used to wax the intimate area. Some call it Brazilian waxing, and to some, Hollywood waxing. Cool right? Hehe

Here are different types of wax used for sensitive skin, long coarse hairs and another one used to remove the shortest annoying stubbles!

After waxing, a cooling down treatment was used. Using a combination of Moisturizing Lotion and Cooling Gel. And it's FOC!!

I thought it was an awesome way to relax the skin and avoid it from burns especially when you've sensitive skin like me. ;) I was told that the pain is less 30% from waxing here. I believe that's true, because I didn't really wince while being waxed! Hee.

Get super smooth baby skin 'down there' painlessly and feel confident!

You know that awesome feeling you get after hair removal? 
Yeah, I got that feeling now.
All thanks to FURLESS!

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm
Phone :             03-7931 7326      

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