Christmas 2011

After looking at this picture, this *so* does not look like a Christmas post, especially when you're expecting food like turkey and stuff. Well, that's what I had for lunch for Christmas!

Firstly, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my beloved readers & friends! You guys keep me going and put a smile on my face!

Maiu again for Christmas. You know, I go there so often with Mr.B all the staff recognize us easily. This time I went to the branch in Damansara Perdana, at The Place.

Christmas for my family every year is very simple. The only difference this year was that Sabrina joined us for church service on Christmas Eve and stayed over at my place watching Sex and The City 2 till 3am.

After lunch, I headed to Melaka for a house party with Mr.B & his family.

This was so tempting after all the scrutiny eating I've been doing the past few days. tsk.

The host was Aunty Anna and her family who are close to Mr.B's family as well.

I had the most interesting drink. Honey meade, which is honey wine. Tastes like honey but it has an alcoholic kick to it. Loved it.

After the party, we drove back to KL. Tired, Jason drunk as hell, Mr.B still very sober because he had a massive hangover the night before and didn't touch any alcohol that night and me.. dehydrated from dancing in my new boots Dolly jie gave me, my legs could hardly move the next day!

I was really glad I got to spend this Christmas with Mr.B.

It's NEW YEAR'S today and I'm posting about Christmas! Well, I attended a Foam Party at Republic Bar last night and it was awesome! More soapy, bubbly and fun pictures in the coming post!

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