Miss Republic 2011 Search

 It is about time I blogged about the Republic Model Search Finals. It was a pretty hectic day altogether, since it's my first modelling competition, I was so jittery about it!

Especially being #1, starting off the show and being first on the runway! *gulps* Anyway, the first round was beachwear & the introduction of the contestants. Here's me being contestant #1.

 "Hi! My name's Ashley and I'm 18 this year! I study at Sunway University College."

Talk about saving the best for last. Gorgeous Sabrina was #5 that day.

The line up of contestants.
Not long after, it was my turn to step out again to do the 'Talent Showcasing' rounds. Mind you, I had badly scarred my knees and injured my right foot sh*tless from Night Nerf-ing at college 2 days ago, it was amazing I could dance and jump in 6 inch heels.

Can't see my scars right? Heh. If you're wondering, I was doing an MJ performance on the violin.

I admit there was a slight technical problem starting the performance. But there were some really rude people coming from one of the contestant's supporters who yelled out, "Fake! She's a fake!"
Man, I had to admit that I was pissed. Honestly had half the mind to stop the music and just stare at the dimwit with the feeble brain. But, being the performer I am, rude/nasty/uncivilized people like that are not worth my performance and competition. Kept my head up high and continued while I let the dimwit be what he's born to be. *shrugs*

After the performance, contestants had to hear what the judges had to comment about the performance. So this was me.. taking their comments. They said nice things, that's why I was smiling. Haha!

After a little break, it was the Evening wear round. I was so proud to wear this dress because I couldn't fit into it when it was first passed to me. Now I can!

Oh hello, Mr.B. *blows kiss*

Then there was the Q&A session. I was asked, "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" I swear, I wasn't thinking of those really cute boots at Ninewest in that picture!

Everyone in their pretty evening gowns! :)

Waiting for the results!

And it narrowed down to just the 3 of us.

Sabrina got 2nd runner up.. leaving the two of us.

And I got 1st runner up!

 All of us with our bouquets. My favourite picture of the night. :) Light's on us, team Ashrina!

Once I walked on the runway into the club, I heard my name being shouted and cheers coming from my lovely friends and supporters who covered the perimeters of Republic. The jitters immediately left and I just felt so happy that I had such lovely friends! A huge thank you goes to them for being so awesome and being the majority of the population of the audience that night. :')

My lovely nerf gang. Mwah!

Nick who came all the way to *not* miss the finals. <3

High school friends who showed some love. :)

My sweet lil sis, looking stunning that night! Don't we not look alike?

Some lovely friends from Central Asia dropped by to cheer for Sabrina and myself.

:) All the hugs, thanking and congrats I got from some special people.

My gang of boys who always put a smile on my face and cheer me on.

Ida paid me a surprise visit! Along with Uncle Charlie. I was pretty... surprised.

I love you guys!

Hilmy & Gil paid a visit as well!

Not forgetting the awesome Donovan whose birthday we celebrated in one of the past posts!

College mate Ryan who showed us some love as well. :)

It was really heart warming to see so many familiar faces there. It really made my night!

Ishnee (Ms Republic), Ushera, our emcee and yours truly.

I felt so happy for the first time, winning top 3 in a competition! And with Sabrina, it shall be one of our crazy adventures together.

And that's the end of my posts on the Republic Model Search. It was one interesting ride I had. Surprisingly, my parents were proud of me too! Although they never really took this competition seriously. Haha

Congrats to all the girls who did a fine jobs looking all drop dead gorgeous! Especially Sabrina who looked smokin' hot! (I'm biased)

Again, all my love and kisses go out to my lovely friends and fans who supported me and more to those who showed up and screamed my name. Love you guys!

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