NZ ECO Fashion Show

One of this year's highlights in Wellington had to be this ; the NZ Eco Fashion Exposed show, about 2 months ago. 

I was lucky enough to have met the person behind this show, Denise Anglesey, who had me performing on the electric violin during a music interlude in the middle of the fashion show. Other than that, I had walked for 3 designers that day. So, I had more than one hat to wear that day.

I had gone there hours earlier for a round of rehearsals and soundcheck with the girls. Was quite pleased with the sound system at the venue and Jack, the sound guy who was so cooperative and helpful. :)

The show opened with the Kapa Haka, a Maori performance. They looked so colourful! At this point in time, all the models and deisgners were scrambling backstage to get everyone ready. 

A few designs from local designers.

The first designer that I've walked for is Nora Swann. 
Her creations are done with upcycled T-shirts!

Can you spot me? Heh.

Taken during mid-walk. 

Took this backstage. I loved the colour! <3 

The next designer that I walked for is Dane Dagger. So happy when he chose me to open for his collections! :)

Everything passed so quickly for me once the show had started. Before I knew it, I was already playing the ending of 'Laughing Buddha', by Vanessa Mae. Time really flies when you're busy!

My outfit was designed specifically for me by Denise herself! :) Thank you for the lovely outfit!

Oh yeah, I probably haven't mentioned why I had those crazy brows. Part of the look that night was BOLD brows and high ponies, which  looked something like this up close. Even Doug had to take some time to get used to my new look! I kinda liked it. Lol! Fierrrce.

The show almost came to a close a little after the last designer I walked and opened for, Zorro Potion. I absolutely loved her designs! They were glamorous and memorable. People even cheered for her when she came out on the runway! 

My outfit was called Show Pony. 
It was glam, steampunk and cute wrapped in one outfit!!

There was even a bustle on my, uh, behind. Haha
The details on her dresses and outfits were so intricate. Me like!

The first time I put on this outfit for a fitting session, I was breathless. 
Not only did it fit like a glove, I have never worn such a unique design before. She was sweet enough to come to mine to do a fitting, I was super duper excited and honoured when a designer requested to do a fitting at my place! *paiseh* 

She even chose me to open for her collection and walk alongside her for the finale! *more paiseh* 
That's myself with Zorro and another gorgeous model Kendell, looking like bombshells in sparkly gold dresses!

Thank you, Zorro Potion! I was so happy to be a part of Ghost Train!
(Can you see my bustle now? <3)

Denise Angelsey & I. 

After the show, I literally ran around to grab shots with the designers before they disappeared. The show was a hit!

Zorro & I. 
The details of her designs are clearer here!
 Lace, sparkle, feathers, chains to make the perfect outfit. 

I've made a few friends that day as well. The girls were really friendly and we chatted a lot while doing hair and makeup, and also waiting backstage. One of the friendliest was Sarah, who is Miss Humanity International New Zealand 2013. Glad to have met her. She plays the clarinet too! Haha

That's her and Miss Sustainable Style Model, Hannah. :) They rocked it in Nora Swann's designs!

Dane Dagger, myself and Zorro Potion.

Had such a long day that day at the Hutt. I really couldn't have done it without the help and support of my partner-in-crime/personal photographer. ;) Thanks for being there for me the whole day, bibs!

It was quite an experience, this is my 2nd fashion show here in New Zealand - and this was a big one! I totally did not expect to model as much here but I really thank God for everything that I've been blessed with here, like contract with a modelling agency. :D Yes, I've upgraded to an official model now and not self-proclaimed or anything like that. Hehe

Many thanks to Denise, the designers, David and the team. I enjoyed modelling and performing for the NZ crowd too! On runways, twice this year. 

One of the models was kind enough to give Doug and I a lift back! She's such a sweetheart. 
My face probably had like 3 - 4 layers of makeup and my hair numerous rounds of hairspray.

So this is what I look like after a long day.
Pretty anot? Lol.

On Facebook, people are calling me Crayon Shin Chan cos of my brows. :P 
You meanies! Haha 

After a week, NZ Eco Fashion Exposed came out on Wainuiomata News and there's a picture of me in it! Woohoo!

Took the paper to my lecturer as the paper mentioned me playing the violin and that I am a student from NZSM. He was surprised, the good kind. Haha

Here's the link to the newspaper: http://issuu.com/the.star/docs/213268wn

For more information and pictures, visit NZ Eco Fashion Exposed's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NZecofashionweek

Pictures from the official Facebook page & Doug. He's gained some pretty decent photography skills to take good, post-worthy pictures with just an iPod, I must add. :) 

Be back in KL soon!

Ashley Mah.

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