Girl Talk & Monologue : PMS!

I'm gonna rant about PMS..The thing which might explain why your girlfriend turns into a demon one particular time of the month when "Aunt Flow" comes to visit. 
Well, at least this coming from my own experience especially the past week that has just been downright crappy for me.

I felt demotivated and uninspired to do anything. Not even salsa music could make me want to dance, nor practicing my violin would do me any good. I just basically felt like shit. To make matters worse, I had been involved in a car accident exactly a week ago, when my friends and I planned to go out for dinner and unfortunately some moron hit us from the back.

Results of that unfortunate incident was a horrible whiplash effect that I suffered the next two days despite having violin class the next day. My neck ached like never before, the muscles in the front might've been badly affected after speaking to my chiropractor today, who seemed quite disturbed after I told him about the accident and how my neck and back was affected.

My mood seemed to have gone downhill as well. I was reluctant to do anything, even stayed home on a Friday night!! It got so bad that whenever my mom drove and she jams the brakes, it would jolt my neck and I would feel almost like I was being electrocuted. I had to plead her to NOT do that as I was already in tears and holding my neck with my hand. Thank goodness for the invention of Icing therapy and Yoko Yoko. 

Back to PMS, Premenstrual syndrome is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. (Of course you knew that.. right?) 
Which probably explains why I was feeling so shitty, partially. Not only me but most of girls having PMS. You DO not wanna step on any girl's tail when they're PMS-ing.

Stupidest question a guy can ask a chick who's PMS-ing,
 "What's wrong with you? Do you have PMS??"

... Yeah. You totally asked for it.

Some girls cry alot during PMS, some get angry or irritable, cranky, moodswings, the works. Even worse, it comes with bloatedness too, which makes us unable to put on our tight dresses and makes us feel most unattractive and most uncomfortable. Oh yeah, did I also mention cravings that would make you hate yourself later?

I know the feeling well. I had to admit I had gone quite overboard with my PMS and behaved like such a bitch. My ex would know how mean I behaved, giving "silent treatments" when I didn't get what I wanted or get sulky and even burst into tears... especially when I'm hungry and having cramps. After eating, I usually feel better and could even manage a smirk.

 Haha. I'd say there's no reason to act like a total bitch when you're PMS-ing... it's all about self control. Although I was feeling so crappy, there was the occasional snapping, which I end up apologizing for. But, I learnt that girls should know how to control themselves when PMS-ing, although it is hard. I've heard a story of a girl slapping her boyfriend for not getting her hot water. That's a bit over the top, right?

Talking about self control, I think the ultimate self control when having PMS before our cycles is food cravings. It is insane. I had the worst cravings for chapfan (mixed rice) for about a week last month!! I tried to avoid having it and subbing chapfan for other healthier and less 'sinful' stuff, only to know that it made my cravings worse. After finally having chapfan with a gym buddy of mine, almost like magic, the cravings stopped. Boy was I thankful they stopped because I was starting to scare myself. Lol!

Hence, PMS = Self Control Period before bleeding like a massacre and comes the cramps that make me wanna shoot myself or just lie like a corpse in bed.

Well, there's a happy ending to it all. After the PMS period is over, it does come to realization on why I felt so horrible and crappy the past week, etc. And eventually, the emotions are balanced again and thus, the universe goes back to normal. Think of it as having a tornado in the girl universe. 

Things guys should not do when a girl is on her period : 
1. Keep her waiting, especially when she's hungry.
2. Make period/PMS jokes. 
3. Argue (When a girl is on her period, your argument is invalid)
4. Say the "F" word. No girl wants to be called FAT, especially during when she's having PMS. (Other variations of the word include chubby, bloated, etc.)
5. Be an inconsiderate idiot.

So guys, the trick is to be patient here.. Even better, be her punching bag for the time being. Your kindness will be appreciated and repaid. Heh.

In other news, I have performed with my band Audio Impulse at Mandolin Cafe at Plaza Glomac Kelana Jaya last Sunday. More performances and parties to come!

Stay tuned, dolls.
Ashley Mah

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