My crazy two weeks : Week Two

Yep, you can guess what the second week was like.
More performing! :D my silent violin is definitely getting lots of attention these few weeks.

So I performed for the Beerlympics 3.0 Oktoberfest at Ecoba Restaurant & Bar together with DJ NYL and DJ High Tech.

As you can tell, this was the poster and my pic is on top, second from the right next to the Djs.. and the little bull. Hehe

I had played a whole set of House music with the Djs and I enjoyed myself as I got to immerse myself in a whole different genre and style than I usually go for, when performing.
 Usually I would play my own repertoires, but that night, it was all about being creative and setting the mood, like how House music is supposed to be.

DJ NYL and DJ High Tech who did a fabulous job behind the decks and were really fun to work with. :)

All music aside, there were other entertainment as well. Just like this mechanical bull, which is the first I've actually seen in front of me. I so wanted to ride on it! But had no time, cos I had to perform.
Oh well. I always imagined how one can be glamorous and riding the mechanical bull like Cameron Diaz did in Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle.

I guess it is not impossible... well.. until I saw this one guy who was being flung around like a rag doll. Heh. He looked like he had fun though.

There was like a mini bazaar going on as well. All the random indie-ish stuff were on sale. Meme t-shirts, hippie accessories, phone covers, hand-me-down dresses, pre-loved stuff, etc.

 I was so drawn to the accessories.. especially cos they looked like rainbows! Zomg, all the color. 
It was a no brainer that I made an impulsive purchase on one of those colourful beaded bracelets.. the one i was trying on in the picture. Till today, I'm happily wearing it! 
Especially when I'm wearing black or white almost all the time. <3

What did I tell you about random? They had Henna tattoos there too. Pretty cool, but I had not enough time for Henna. :(

And my Saturday night was a wrap after the set was over. Surprisingly bumped into some dance kaki's who were there to drink too. Pleasant surprise. :)

Hon Kitt, who came to support me and Nick who took all the pics of me. So blessed to have supportive friends like them. 

On a vain note, I was quite pleased with my makeup that night, although I ditched the smokey eyes for another day. I went for blue hues and a strong eyeliner instead. I love it! And it is photo friendly!
Shall do it again!


Backtrack to the same Saturday afternoon. I had gone for a lifts and tricks workshop at SalsaJay with some friends. Definitely learnt some new cool and doable stuff there. 

Best part : no accidents as all the stunts were taught with the correct techniques. Phewwie.

Dancers doing some stretching and warming up before the workshop.

We learnt this stunt called the Shoulder Bird. Which was surprisingly easy. I went to a stunts workshop before, and there was a varation of this stunt that was taught, but it was almost impossible to achieve it! I was quite pleased when I was able to execute it this round. 

With the right technique, I used even lesser effort to "fly without wings"!  Feels awesome to be on top the guy's shoulder, balancing using the core muscles. Goal achieved! :D

All of us who attended the workshop. I was thrilled to see Ben & Kat there was well!

After the workshop, it was showtime at Ecoba.

That pretty much summed up my weekend, Saturday being the highlight of it all, besides all the mad planning, practice and rehearsals.

A mad Saturday indeed but well spent!

Ashley Mah

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