Arthur's Day at Sid's Pub

After being MIA (missing in action) for the past two weeks it is time for some catching up!

It was the pre-celebration of Guinness Arthur's Day two Sundays ago, at Sid's Pub at TTDI. So, obviously, there was alot of Guinness Stout going around and happy Guinness fans on that Sunday evening.

I've gone for the event with MHB Elaine. It was an outdoors party, thank goodness. Or else I would've felt so under dressed. Partly why I'm dressed like this was because I just got back from a video shoot done for 7Up Revive. More on that later, focus on Guinness first. Hehe.

It was quite a fun and chilled party as everyone was mingling, talking and enjoying their cold Guinness on a sunny Sunday evening. Oh yeah! I even got to draft my own Guinness and draw an "A" on top of the foam! Which.. eventually disappeared after a couple of minutes. Lol

Tim, Elaine and I were taught the right way to drink the stout. I had no idea there was a "right" way! So, you have to straighten your body, put your arm like such (in the pic) and BRING YOUR GUINNESS TO YOU and not bend your body towards your Guinness. By doing that, you get to taste the stout better. :) Try it next time!

Kelly and Louise came to join the party as well!

Bumped into more familiar faces! Simon Seow and Jackie Loi

It was love at first sip indeed. There was also pretty good music inside the pub which I enjoyed. Perfect.

Tim, me, Elaine and Frank Murray

Me & Serena C after winning a miniature sized bottle of Guinness. Hee.
 Taking it back to my dad cos I know he'd love it.

Cheers! To Arthur!!

Photo credits to Tim Chew, Guinness Malaysia, Jackie Loi and Simon Seow
Ashley Mah

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