7-Up Revive Video Competition

Part of my crazy Sunday was the video shoot done for the 7-Up Revive video competition.
 I was the chick in light blue at the far right.

Okay now that's a sad thumbnail of me and the girls getting drenched with water. Haha!

 Nonetheless I had so much fun while shooting. It was done the morning of the same Sunday of the Guinness Arthur's Day Pre-celebration.

Basically the story was about this silly dude, who attempted to impress this girl, but instead pissed her off by canon-balling and splashing water on her and her friends. But when a bottle of Revive happened to drop into the pool with him, it "revives" him and transforms him into a hunk.

Although the voting session has just ended, this is my first ad/video and it was so much fun! MHB Casey joined me as well.

Camwhoring before shooting. :)

And since I was allowed to play with my phone as my character was supposed to be fiddling with her phone anyway, this was how it looked like from my point of view while shooting. Shooting while being shot. Hehe shootception..! Okay.. I'll stop.

Half my body was SO wet after shooting! Major water WOOSH.. and the screams in the video are 100% real btw. We weren't expecting that much water as the director told us it'll be a biiit of water on our feet, so I tried not to laugh (you know when people have the tendency to laugh when shooting? -_-), so I closed my eyes behind my sunglasses n tried to calm down. 
SUDDENLY!! It's like the water saying, "Take that, biatch!" 

 I'm just lucky I was not wearing white. 

We all had a good laugh out of it. It was so much fun to shoot with Aun Chua and the group. Made new friends and watching the video and pausing it at 0:10 was hilarious. My mom laughed when she watched it.

Ps.Thanks to those who voted for this video and glad you enjoyed it.
Ashley Mah

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