Lunch/Hi-Tea at Fuzion, Sunway Hotel, Resort and Spa

Had lunch with Mr.B, Jason and Kim at Fuzion Restaurant at Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa yesterday. For the 4 of us, the term 'buffet' means pigging out.

Warning : Don't read the rest of the post if you're hungry.

Fulfilled my sushi cravings.

And you can choose what pasta to custom order. Kim ordered Fettucini Carbonara. It wasn't even on the list of pastas you can order. The chef was too kind. :)

The chocolate fountain. It obviously got raped by Jason and Kim when they first saw it. 


I swear I ate till it hurts. Then I just had to have a cup of coffee. Was the strongest coffee I've ever had, so I had caffeine overload and got hyper for about an hour plus.

Yeah this was when I started getting caffeine overload. Yeah I wear glasses too.

And my younger sister is taller than me. The rest of the day and excess energy used to study for the last exam paper in Thursday.

Looking forward to my busy busy weekend.

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