Orbit 360° Dining - Aucklandland Part 2

Orbit 360 had to be the most exciting and most unforgettable dining experience - it deserved a separate post. The day we arrived in Auckland was the same day we spontaneously decided to dine at the rotating restaurant located at the top of Auckland's Sky Tower.

We initially wanted to just visit the Sky Tower, the entry fee for an adult being $28. But we also discovered Orbit 360 as well as The Sugar Club, another restaurant & bar which provides the view. Orbit 360 was our choice - it revolves! We decided to dine anyway because the minimum charge for dining at Orbit 360 was $40 per person. Not too far from the entry fee, with fine dining too. Oh yeah, you have to have a booking to dine there too, just a heads up.

I was excited. For years I've been wanting to visit the KL Tower and eat at the rotating restaurant back in KL, but never got the chance to do so. And now I do - but in Auckland. Even better! Plus, it was a special night for us because we're celebrating our 1st anniversary the day after. :)

I'm wearing this jumpsuit by Sass and Bide, from my cousin who is almost the same build as me. Yay.
Red lips to go using my Doll Face Mineral Makeup I won from my finalist bundle from the Maxim Swimwear Model of the Year. I love the consistency!

Headed to Sky Tower and from there, we took a lift and went up, up up! From the main observation level to the sky deck, before our eyes were glittering lights, which was the life of Auckland on a Friday night. It's such a good change from Wellington.

The lift had a glass panel, everything looked smaller and smaller as we went higher. There was also a clear floor at the sky deck and we could see everything beneath our feet. Not for the faint hearted! Although it is safe and is as thick as a regular floor. Heh. I can almost imagine my dad trying to freak Kim & I out and jumping on it, if they were here. Miss my family. Would love to take them here if the did visit New Zealand.

We headed to Orbit 360 shortly after, and ordered some grub.
Although the menu did not have a vast selection of food, the quality of the food was very satisfying, and not some tiny spoon of "fine dining" stuff you get at some restaurants. It was a very proper dinner. I was so stuffed! 

Our potato side dish, served with plum dipping sauce. Bon apetit!

I had the lamb loin dish. The meat just melts in my mouth, everytime. 
Mmm. So, so good. Best lamb I've ever had. I hardly good lamb that's as tender as this. Blends really well with the roasted pumpkin and veges.

Doug had the Grilled Market fish Risotto. 
Not your average risotto - this one had a punch of lemongrass and coconut, like the kind in tomyam, but without the red and spiciness. It was so creamy and smooth. I loved it too! I wish I could have both, but my body won't let me.

Eating while revolving, there're always firsts at everything. Haha
Just a tip though; ladies, try not to leave your bag by the window, that area does not rotate.
I realized that someone's bag was at my side after sitting and eating for awhile.

It is our anniversary and we're celebrating it up high in the sky in Auckland city. I couldn't be happier. But us being us, just chatted about nonsense and gaming (I started playing this MMORPG game called Aura Kingdom with Doug), making fun of people's conversations we tend to overhear (some people were so loud..lol), and talking about all the dimsum shops we saw so far. Of course, there was a bit of reminscing about last year.

From strangers, to friends, to waiting tables, lepak sessions at the Waterfront at night, to getting used to seeing me being "in a relationship with Douglas Lee" on Facebook (in a good way, of course). I think we did pretty well. We've had the most eventuful year...in a not-so-eventful place.
 But hey. We made it, bibs! 

Happy Anniversary.
Ashley M.

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