5 Pick-Me-Ups on a Bad Day

Feeling crappy? 

Feeling Fat? Ugly? Don't wanna get out of the house?

 Yeah. We all have those days where we feel demotivated and have absolutely no mood for anything else but to wallow in self pity and groan about life. And I'm pretty sure it happens usually on Mondays.
 To make the "sucky feeling" stop, I've taken a few steps and listed them down. :)

No.1 Bad hair day remedy.

 I am not talking about caps or hats to hide that rat's nest sitting on your head. 
Anyway, bad hair day and have some time on your hands? Go do some home hair treatment like a nice hair mask. Look and feel amazing after!
I always feel nice after a good hair wash. After which, comes No.2.

No.2 Get your vainpot on.

I would spend a whole hour, or more, in front of the mirror, just playing with my makeup, or doing my hair. Be it a whole hour of curling my locks, or spending 30 minutes of doing my eye makeup, this step never fails to lift up my spirits. No more "meh" complexion, and no more uglahh hair. #somuchwin (this would be perfect if you're heading out after.maybe a date? *wink*)

No.3 Distraction

Having a crappy day and worried about something that's beyond your control? I'm no stranger to that situation. Being a like myself, distracting myself by watching movies, videos or even playing games help keep my mind off the stuff that's bothering me.
  Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 never fail to make me feel better after blowing heads off zombies with a machine gun or smacking them sh*tless with a good ol' frying pan or even sawing them in pieces with a chainsaw. (I can get quite violent) But hey, what was it again that put me at the verge of tears a few hours ago?

No.4 Retail Therapy (Shoes in particular)

Let's Go SHOPPING! And this works for both the girlies and the guys too. 
Those pair of killer heels I've been eyeing for months? I'd get them, on days I feel upset. And trust me, 50% of my shoe collection at home is a result of bad day therapies. Haha. Then again, I love shoes so so much (Carrie Bradshaw as my inspiration), every pair is loved and special....like family. Nothing to make me feel good like a sexy pair of heels.

No.5 The Girlie Date

Why not a regular date? I'll tell you why.

-deep breath-

-There shall not be any reason to feel self-conscious around your girlfriends as compared to a date.
Who cares if you've got something stuck in your teeth? Shrug it off. Now if on a date... put that on the list of most embarrassing moments now.

-There's no need to impress anyone.

See how things are so much better when you're out with your bff or sister? I'm blessed to have both, whom I miss so dearly. I always feel better after having something to eat with my sis, our conversations start off talking about problems and then transforms into nonsensical conversation, which I occasionally have now on Skype. She makes me laugh like crazy with her quirkiness. I also feel sooo much better after a good, long bitching session with my girlfriend Charms. It's something we both share, endless complaining and bitching like there's no tomorrow. I love those sessions so much!!

So there are my 5 pick-me-ups on a sucky day.

I just had one recently...like yesterday, but fortunately, I had No.6 that's not on my list till 2 months ago - the BF. He's a best friend and a lover wrapped in one package. Like a 3 in 1 sachet coffee. Haha! I love him. :)
Anyway, I keep reminding myself that tomorrow will be a better day when I'm having a bad one or sometimes just sleep it off so that tomorrow comes faster. I hope these tips were helpful if you were feeling down. Sh*t happens every now and then! 

So what are your pick-me-ups?

Ashley Mah

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