Viva La Vivid - Stichbury's Fashion Show

So approximately two weeks ago (hiatus mode, sorry), Stichbury was having a fashion show called Viva La Vivid.
 Yeah - that's me at mid pose for the show. Don't look like myself? Scroll down to read more. :P

It was my first time attending a fashion show here in Wellington. Even better, I was even walking and opening for the show! Super excited and happy to have met the lovely designer herself, Louise Stichbury who not only designs, but sewed her colorful collection!

That Thursday evening was rather gloomy and rainy - didn't stop my spirits from dying down though! Time just flew so quickly when all the models were being briefed and guided by David Duffy, on how to walk, where to stop and where to turn/pose on the runway.

Before I knew it, the start of Storm was already playing from the speakers above me.
 Hold that thought.

Before the show started, I had the loveliest surprise ever. I was called from the dressing room, and was told that there was someone who wanted to see me. When I walked out (halfway through hair and makeup.. Looking ghastly and stuff), I saw Doug holding a bouquet of flowers.

Not regular flowers - he got me tulips! I love tulips. Okay, so my happiness/excitement level just escalated by ten times. I could seriously faint of over excitedness. He's so amazingly sweet. I'm still smiling at the memory, still fresh in my mind. Thanks for the flowers love. Never appreciated flowers that much in my life - my mom would be surprised cos she usually ends up taking care of my bouquets when I get any.<3

Aren't they stunning? :)

Okay back to the show. Donned in this bright blue Kaftan sewed by Louise, a belt, my tall boots and my hair up in a Dutch braid updo.... I slowly made my way through the crowd while playing on my acoustic violin. The first few smiling faces I saw while walking out and striking my first pose belonged to my lovely boyfriend, my long time friend Shu run, who brought two other friends with her and my dance friend who came to support me.

So everyone had these funky dutch braid updos and colorful makeup. Mega unusual for me, especially when I started out with two braids and bangs.. I looked like a kid. Haha and I only realized how I looked like after it was all done because there wasn't a mirror in front of me.

Anyway, so that was the dress I was wearing to open the show. Not many photos of me opening the show or playing the violin though. I don't even know how I looked like walking down the runway playing Storm.... I'm just thankful I didn't do something silly like trip. Lol

After it was over, the fashion show had begun, starting with the model after me. I'd rush backstage to change to my next outfit, which was a pair of unique printed tights, boots and a wrap around hoodie.

After a few rounds of changing and walking, the show ended with a round of loud applause. Sipping white wine backstage, I made some new friends and took pictures with the models too, since that's what we do best! ;)

Finally I came back out into the arms of Doug who hugged and congratulated me, Shu run and her friends as well. It felt amazing to open and star in a fashion show, despite being the shortest and tiniest model. I mean, what are the chances of that happening again?

Many thanks to my friends who supported me and attended the event, Louise Stichbury for such a lovely experience. Most exciting night of my stay so far in Wellington in 2 months!

Here's the Fb link to STICHBURY'S Page. 
Check out all their incredible collections!

Ps. More posts to come. I've been insanely busy! Stay tuned, loves.

Ashley Mah

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