Upcoming Interview with Bernama TV

My latest updates regarding violin playing and violin performances!

It's been awhile since I have been doing any performances at events or functions as I have been away on holiday. However, I have been blessed to get an opportunity to be interviewed on BERNAMA TV this coming 
Thursday, 29/11/2012 (yes! in two days time) at 9am.

 I will be sharing on my experiences and achievements as a violinist/performer/blogger on TV. 

Yes, I will be LIVE on TV! *excited*
You can catch me on...

Channel 502 ASTRO
Hypp Tv 120
&also on Web TV www.1malaysiaiptv.com.my

I have been playing the violin for nearly 10 years and performing on the
violin since I was 12 years of age till today.  

I have 2 violins, one accoustic and one silent violin,
 which is actually the Yamaha SV130, which works like an electric violin. I love both of them equally. :)

I have taken part in the World Championships of Performing Arts 2009 and came out as a finalist in the Instrumentalist Category in Malaysia at 16 years old, that has been quite a huge experience and taught me how to really perform and compete at the same time, all under pressure.

From then I have covered almost all genres of music, with both my accoustic violin and electric violin. I am classically trained, so I play from classical music right up to pop, hip hop, country and metal rock. (yes, my electric violin does the screamos. Haha!) My favorite genres are country and hiphop.

I love performing, whether it's dance, piano, violin or singing. I have learnt so much from my past experiences and am looking forward to learning more and expanding my musical knowledge. I feel  comfortable being onstage because I'm having so much fun performing!

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face at the end of the day than knowing that I've put on a great and enjoyable performance!!


^ an impromptu performance with my uncle Alvin Fletcher on guitars, 
performing the Orange Blossom Special at Dirty Nelly's SS22, two Fridays ago.

So don't forget to catch me LIVE on Thursday and watch me as I share
more about my love for performing & music!

Ps. Photos credits to Wyluxx & Shaun See who took amazing pics in such short notice. And on a less serious note, my room is gonna look as if a hurricane had hit it as I have to ransack my wardrobe for something to wear for the interview!!

 Ashley Mah


  1. Well done Ashley! So when we gonna see you back at the salsa scene again? :P

  2. Thanks Kelvin! :) This week, definitely. I miss the feeling of being on the dancefloor again!